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information for young people

Welcome to training. Our training team are pleased you have taken the time to visit our website today.

asphaleia training is part of a large organisation called asphaleia. Our organisation is dedicated to making the lives of children and young people better. We do this through:

  • education
  • accommodation
  • outreach support services
  • fostering
  • projects that work with the most vulnerable young people
  • listening to the needs of children and young people in our communities
  • having fun!

To find out more about our organisation, please click here.

Our training team provide a range of services for young people. These include:

  • qualifications for 14-18 year olds
  • 1-1 mentoring and support
  • help with finding a job or place in further learning
  • information, advice and guidance
  • action packed activities, such as wall climbing and graffiti art
  • an informal and welcoming place to study well as a brilliant team who can't wait to meet you and help you make the right choices for you and your future.

Please email us now if you want to enrol onto one of our programmes.

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  • What we offer

    We are committed to seeing you achieve on our programmes. Our learning centres are safe, small and personal where you should feel comfortable to study, make new friends and enjoy all that asphaleia training has to offer.

    If you are aged 14-16, it is likely that your school has put you in touch with us. Our programmes for you will be arranged with your teachers to ensure we provide a service that helps you and meets your needs, whatever they may be. We will work with your school to provide you with a comfortable learning environment in which you feel happy and able to achieve.

    If you are aged 16-18 you may have come to us on your own, your friend might have told you about us, your mum and dad might have brought you down or a Connexions worker or other professional may have referred you. Click here to find out what we could offer you.

  • Talk to us

    If you have any questions that your project worker cannot answer, please contact the care team on 01903 823546. We would be very happy to answer any questions you have.

    When you join a programme at asphaleia, we believe it's important what you are involved in our development - we can only get better at what we do if you tell us how. You may be asked to do a few things whilst you are here, such as:

    • Getting involved in the recruitment of new staff
    • Giving your views about your programme at regular review sessions
    • Taking part in an evaluation during your programme
    • Giving your opinion about your experience on programme when you leave

    Anything you say will be taken seriously by the staff at asphaleia, and will help us to develop the programme to meet your needs.

  • How to make a complaint

    If you would like to make a complaint, please contact your tutor, project worker or someone you trust. They can guide in what to do next.

    If you do not want to talk to anyone, you can write to the training team at: asphaleia training, 22 Liverpool Gardens, BN11 1RY or call the office on 01903 823546.

    Remember to include your name, what the problem is and would you like to be done about it.

  • What we expect from you

    While on programme there are certain things we expect from you. You will be expected to:

    • Arrive on time
    • Attend all sessions
    • Respect other young people and staff in the building - no bullying or violence
    • Respect the building - keep it tidy, no theft, be responsible for your own property
    • Not smoke, take drugs, drink alcohol or use weapons in the building
    • Turn off mobile phones during sessions
    • Not eat or drink during sessions without permission
    • Not eat or drink AT ALL in the computer room

    You can expect the same behaviour from all staff at asphaleia training as well.

    When you start a programme with us, you will be given an information pack detailing what to do if you are sick, have an appointment, want to go on holiday and are late.

  • Benefits of learning with asphaleia

    As well as excellent staff, brilliant learning centres and lots of interesting subjects there are many other benefits of learning with asphaleia training.

    We can offer you:


    • 3 in 1 travelcard
    • Free NUS extra card
    • Bursary support: the rules for getting help with money whilst you are in education have changed. Please click here to find out more about what will be available and whether you will be entitled to receive help.
    • Reward bonus scheme
    • Drop-in support
    • Extra mentoring to support you and your learning
    To find out how you can benefit from the above, please speak to your project worker today.


  • We treat everyone equally and fairly

    At asphaleia all young people and staff are treated equally and with respect. This means:

    • We treat everyone equally. It doesn't matter what your background is, or if you are male or female, or what you believe in, or what colour you are, or whether you have disabilities, we respect you for who you are
    • We don't allow bullying of any kind
    • We make sure that staff at asphaleia know how to treat everybody fairly
    • You must help us by treating other people fairly too
    • If you feel you are being treated unfairly we will take it very seriously please talk to your project worker
  • Some useful sites for you

    asphaleia are on facebook - view our page here.

    Everything you need to know from the Government including education, applying for a driving license and getting help with your career:

    For information on health:

    For information on mental health and emotional wellbeing:

    For information on sexual health:

    Stay safe online following the guidelines here:

    For your guide to the real world visit:

    We are always on the lookout for brilliant sites for young people - please let us know if you come across any that you think would be helpful and we will post them on the website.