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Fostering FAQ's

What's the difference between adoption and fostering?

With adoption, legal ties to the birth parents are cut and all parental rights and responsibilities pass to the adoptive parents. The child becomes a full member of the family and has the same rights as any natural child would enjoy.
With fostering, parental responsibility usually stays with the birth parents, unless a court order is made so it's shared with the local authority. In many cases, children are fostered only for a short time, before they return to their family or are adopted.

Will I be asked lots of personal questions by social workers?

Yes, but all the questions will be linked to your skills and abilities as a parent and carer. A social worker will get to know you, and, over time, you will form a trusting relationship with them. All information you give will be confidential.

How long does the application process take?

It can take from four to 12 months, depending on your circumstances.

Will I receive any financial help?

All our foster carers receive a regular allowance for each child they care for. In the case of children with more complex needs you may receive an additional allowance.

Are all children in care badly behaved?

Children who need to be fostered or adopted have often had a difficult start in life and may have little reason to trust adults. They may show their distrust and distress in many ways, including 'naughty' behaviour, nightmares, or being quiet and withdrawn.
As part of the adoption/fostering process, you'll be taught strategies for dealing with any challenging behaviour.

Do I have to be married with children of my own?

No, we value each individual's commitment, enthusiasm and energy over their personal circumstances.

I have my own children - how will this affect them?

Fostering is a big commitment, and not just from you, from your whole family. As part of the application process we will speak with all the members of your family at home to gain a wide picture of how you all feel about fostering. It affects children in many different ways and our team will be on hand to help you support them and the changes they will face.

I am gay - can I still foster?

Yes, we consider applications from gay and lesbian individuals or couples. The application process is exactly the same.

Do I have to own my own home?

The answer to both questions is no. You can live in a privately rented or council rented property. The property can be either a house or a flat. All we expect is that the fostered child has their own bedroom.

I work full-time - can I still foster?

Yes, but the hours you work may help determine what kind of fostering you are able to do. There will be some types of foster care you will be unable to offer if you (and your partner if applicable) work full time.

My partner has an ongoing health issue - can I still foster?

Yes, but the health issue (depending on what it is) may determine what kind of fostering you are able to do.

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