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  • Clement


    Clement is a 19 year old young person, who escaped the political tensions in Iran three years ago. Clement travelled to the UK on the back of a lorry until he was picked up by police officers at a petrol station in Kent.

    While Clement was housed at an asphaleia training flat, he was mentored and supported by an asphaleia outreach worker. Although initially, Clement found it difficult to get used to living in the UK, being in the training flat helped Clement gain the necessary skills to be able to move into full independence. He now rents his own one-bedroom flat in Worthing - something he is very proud of.

    Clement's dream is to open his own barber shop, but due to his limited income, the young person was unable to afford the high tuition fees to pay for a barbering college course. However, with the help of his outreach worker, Clement was able to secure the necessary funding and has now started an apprenticeship at a local hairdresser's.

    Names have been changed

  • Faizal


    Faizal is from Afghanistan and is 16 years of age and a Pashto speaker. He was placed with asphaleia care in Kent in February 2009.

    Fazial came across to staff as very quiet on a lot of occasions but still a happy and enthusiastic young person to be around. Around lots of people he would not want to speak out due to his lack of English and also confidence.

    His outreach worker undertook work that involved demonstrating how to engage with others and not waiting for things to be done for him. Visits to local amenities where undertaken and also monitoring how he dealt with difficult situations.

    Through his home tutoring programme Fazial started to develop his understanding of the English language better which helped him with his independent living skills as he could relate to lots of areas better. Fazial would also be part of group activities in the house and on some occasions display some of his cultural music and dance.

    He has developed considerably and is become very capable of completing everyday tasks like shopping, budgeting and engaging with others with confidence. Also his speaking skills and English has improved, and he is now living independently with two friends. He is a keen cricketer and wants to take this further as well as enrolling on an educational programme.

    Name has been changed.

  • Sam


    First I was at a village school; then we had to move because of trouble, so I missed a year. When I was 11, I got a scholarship to a secondary school in another town. I was there for three years but I left in the middle of the third year because we had to move again because of the trouble. So I missed three years of my secondary schooling.

    In Somalia I didn't go to school for four and a half years. I went to primary school when I was seven for four months and we had to leave because of the war. We tried to get to Ethiopia but we couldn't get in. For two years we lived under the trees in a place between Ethiopia and Somalia.

    We had to move all the time. The army occupied, and we moved away, away, away... and finally I got to Germany. In Germany I attended school for one year while living with my uncle and then I finally joined my father in London. I went to secondary school for two years and then to college. It was pretty terrible. I wouldn't blame anyone - I just couldn't fit. It took two years to improve my English.

    Without asphaleia, I wouldn't have learnt English. My confidence has really improved too, I have friends and I am happy.

    Name has been changed.