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Our leadership

asphaleia believes in a framework of operation for leadership and management to enable efficient and effective delivery of service for maximum and consistent impact and output. asphaleia believes that excellent leadership and management will:

  • Create and apply appropriate strategy and planning.
  • Ensure the delivery of high quality safe services to children, young people and adults.
  • Produce high quality provision to service users and service purchasers.
  • Ensure the continual growth and development of the organisation.
  • Lead to cutting edge and innovative service development.
  • Achieve delivery and profit targets.

Our directors and founders

David Cottrell passed away suddenly earlier this year. More details will follow but if you have any enquiries or need to speak to anyone, please contact Laura Thorpe, Managing Director. David is the Chief Executive of asphaleia, which has grown from three staff members in one location to more than 70 staff members working across six locations in less than 10 years. asphaleia now work with more than 1000 service users each year. He says: "Starting asphaleia was an adventure. I had a dream of what I wanted to do and was lucky to have three colleagues join me in the adventure."

To read more about David, please click here.

Laura Thorpe is the Managing Director of asphaleia. Laura began work at asphaleia as the part-time founder of our charity asphaleia action, taking it from nothing with just one part-time employee and one part-time education project. In less than five years the Charity was turning over £500k and delivering a range of large contracts in Sussex and West London.

To read more about Laura, please click here.

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what they say

“I have always thought that I could get this far, but I needed some special people in my life that believed it too.”

Young person receiving outreach