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Welcome to our website

Hello! Thank you for visiting asphaleia online. At asphaleia we are BIG believers in the potential of young people. It is the driving force behind all that we do.

Why? Because we think there is nothing better in this world than working with young people! We do this through five ventures who offer a range of services from fostering to leaving care support, education programmes to a project in Africa.

Please click on the buttons below to find out more about each of them.

We have worked hard to develop an interactive and informative website which covers the wide breadth of our organisation - and we can tell you, it was not an easy job! We hope you enjoy the creative fruits of our labour and find it useful, interesting and, in some places, pretty powerful (especially when you meet some of the fantastic young people we work with).

If you don't find what you are looking for, please give us a call and tell us - we'd love to hear from you.

"I have always thought that I could get this far, but I needed some special people in my life that believed it too. Thank you asphaleia."

latest news

asphaleia is Part of Worthing TCI’s Flowerbed Competition! Vote For Us!

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asphaleia Training Runs Destinations Festival in Partnership with The BASE Skatepark in Bognor

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asphaleia works across six locations, manages 18 buildings (two of which are in Africa!) and has its own charity - are we mad? Maybe! But we love what we do and we work where the children and young people need us.

That desire and determination to impact has led us from one house in Worthing, West Sussex to working across London and Kent, and even as far as Sierra Leone, Africa. That's a lot of miles to cover but it means we have the privilege of working with over 1000 children and young people annually and we will never stop wanting to work with more, no matter where it takes us even if it's as far away as Sydney, or as close as get the drift - we respond to need. There was a need for in-school support in Worthing, so we set it up. There was a need for girls in Freetown, Sierra Leone to receive skills, training and food, so we set up the Kabor Project.

Throughout our website you will see lots of evidence of our sense of adventure - if we can impact children and young people, we will give it go!

We are sometimes saddened when we come across children and young people facing challenges, which can include dramatic change, loss, an uncertain future, separation from family and disadvantage. However, we believe that by responding with high quality services, delivered by passionate and professional staff we can work together to help them to achieve their hopes for the future in ways that engage, stimulate and encourage.

We love working with young people; they are fun, alive, creative, smart, and inventive and they make our work so purposeful. Sometimes the challenges they face really stretch us but when we are able to help that makes our work even more significant, enjoyable, and meaningful and an amazing privilege.

what's coming up!

Monday 31 October

Art Session in Maidstone

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Monday 31 October


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Tuesday 1 November

Better Life Breakfast Group

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what they say

"I am pleased at how well she is engaging with this project, she looks forward to the new topics each week and can always relay back to me what she has learnt about herself" 

Parent of young person on AttachED 2016